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Be master in your RELATIONSHIP

Having a good relationship is the best thing that can happen to someone, while many are crying and lamenting in their relationships, there are thousand people who are still finding theirs as God’s set relationship.

Believe it or not, wrong relationship is one of the instrument of destruction among young age people. Gone are the days when relationships are valued and respected as gold, in fact, once upon a decade, relationships are meant for matured and responsible people who are ready to have themselves as husband and wife.

But today, relationship is not valued any longer, the girls of nowadays knows nothing than money, while the guys have no mentality than show off. Apparently, only few individual are having joy and happiness in their relationship, this is because few people only value the dignity of relationship and are master in their relationships.

Although, hundreds of factors are reasons for poor relationship, but that is topic for another day. Today, I want to relate with you how best to be master in one’s relationship. There are certain characteristics that are common to all girls on this planet, regardless their culture, tribe and ethnicity, these characteristics are love of money, lack of love and unfaithfulness.

All these three characteristics are unavoidable in relationship, therefore, for those who are serious, have it in mind that all girls shares these characteristics, so don’t bother dumping one for another, it’s not just the best.

Being a master in one’s relationship calls for maturity, as a man, if you can’t control your temper, then you have a long way to go, if you don’t work on it, you may end up in jail. The only way out is if the lady can consider studying you, to know what really makes him angry, then try as much as possible to avoid it.

Both partners should be ready to spend in the relationship, because thousands of relationships are collapsing every day for lack of money due to unemployment or related issues. It is an established fact that no family can be without money, so it is a sacrifice the man need to continue doing, you can’t avoid it.

Study the behavior of each other can also prove how deep you can go in relationship, if you think you are educated enough, so you feel you should always take charge, both of you will lose your relationship, regardless the number of years shared together.

Respect each other, love each other, and most importantly give time for yourselves and always pray, if you are sure your relationship will lead to marry, then have your engagement done, because sex is inevitable, and that’s the only way your blessings can be ruined, so it’s better for you to engage each other for blessings of God.

Hear this, no perfect relationship, everyone are just trying, don’t leave that man or human because of any reason, all of us are sick, we just decided to treat ourselves at home, that’s why we are not in the hospital.

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