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What May Cause A Woman To Have Yeast Infection After Intimacy

Some women may think that yeast infection can be gotten through intimacy, but It is important to know that yeast infections found in a woman's private organ, are not considered as an infection gotten through intimacy. Yeast infection can start growing after intimacy with your partner. A woman's private organ contains a fungus called candida, which is a bacteria that is not harmful until it begins to grow enormously. When it grows in excess, it can lead to yeast infection. It is important to know that when you get intimate with your partner, it may introduce bacteria from your partner's private organ or finger, into your private organ. It is advisable that men should practice proper hygiene before intimacy, to avoid transmitting bacteria into a woman's private organ.

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When bacteria gets into your private organ, it can disrupt the good bacteria in your private organ, which may cause yeast infection. If a man doesn't have yeast infection before intimacy and he discovers that he has, then he may have gotten it from his partner. According to a research, men who get intimate without protection with a woman who has yeast infection, may develop penile yeast infection. It hasn't been proven if a woman can contract yeast infection after intimacy, with a man who has yeast infection.

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As a woman, it is important to treat yourself if you have yeast infection to avoid spreading it your partner, anytime you get intimate. Even if he treats himself and you still have the infection, you may end up passing it to him again. It is advisable to visit the doctor, if you notice signs of yeast infection in your private organ. Some of the signs includes, lumpy discharge, burns around your private organ and itchy private organ.

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Source: healthline

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