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Girl Dumps Her Fiance For Her Ex-boyfriend Two Weeks Before Their Arranged Wedding (Screenshots)

Many people may have experienced relationship break-up and surely have their own stories to tell. But what about if your fiance or fiancee breaks up with you just weeks before your arranged wedding? This is the case of a certain guy whom his fiancee broke up with just two weeks before their arranged wedding. According to the WhatsApp conversation with his fiancee shared by the guy, the girl says she's breaking up with him because she ran into her ex-boyfriend in the mall and she felt something deep for him and felt the love between them has been reignited. She referred to her ex-boyfriend as her first love and said she is still in love with him and also ready to spend the rest of her life with him. She agreed to return the bride price paid by the guy as she wanted her arranged wedding called off. Nigerians on Facebook have had their say on this guy's heart breaking issue. What will you do if you are this guy?

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