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3 Reasons Why She May Decide To Call You A Partner Instead Of A Boyfriend

1. Reflects a healthy relationship.

The term partner establishes gender-neutral and serious energy. It implies that everyone only has one person as a partner at one point in their life and the relationship is a romantic one. Most importantly, having a partner describes what a healthy romantic relationship really looks like: a healthy relationship is like a partnership. It's two people having each other's backs, planning on their lives together, solving life's problems and winning together in a mutually satisfying way.

2. Has gravity

Some people use the word partner when they feel their relationship should be taken seriously even if they're yet to get married. For some reason, the word boyfriend and girlfriend just don't reflect the depth of the relationship for some persons. So they want to put a label to what they call relationship so that it could be taken seriously.

3. Eliminating gender issues

Some persons do not also want the person they’re in a relationship with to feel the weight of being a man or a woman so they try to bond more, starting from attaching a kind of respect to whomever they’re dating.

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