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Video: My wife left us after giving birth to a baby with swollen head, man Reveals

Every single one of us must forge our own route through life. Many people face various life challenges, such as illness, lack of money, marital issues, and so on. In this article, I will be sharing with you a story of a man who lost his wife because his wife was engaging herself into doing hard jobs in order to raise money for her baby's treatment. When the man was interviewed by Afrimax English, he narrated;

"My name is Fidelis. I got married to a woman who I love so much. My wife gave birth to five children that are healthy and strong. The last child my wife gave birth to, which is a baby girl, was different from the rest of my children. At first, my last child was born without any deformity. As time went on, I started noticing that my last child's head was growing bigger. My wife and I thought it was a normal thing, but we didn't know that our last child was dying gradually.

"My wife and I rushed our last child to the hospital for us to know what was wrong with our child's head. The doctors carried a series of tests on our child, and they discovered that our child had a brain disorder known as hydrocephalus – a condition where there is a large quantity of fluid in the brain. The doctor's said to my wife and I that if our child is not treated properly, she is going to die. Because we have no money for our child's treatment, my wife started doing a hard job just to raise money for our child's treatment. At the process of her engaging her self into hard labor, she became sick and eventually died. My wife died when I needed her the most. I am the only one taking care of our six children.

"My last child's head keeps getting bigger each day that passes by. I have to take my last child to the hospital for the doctor to drain some fluid out of my last child's head because that is the only way my last child can stay alive. I have spent a lot of money on my last child's health condition. I don't want my last child to die because I love her so much". 

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Source: Afrimax English

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