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Men: As Much as You Can, Never Use These Words on a Lady Especially When You Are Angry (Opinion)

" I regret Ever Meeting you",

"You are always doing this thing",

" I don't trust you"

"Is that how they raised you in your house?"

"You are very very stupid"

"I don't blame you, I blame your parents who brought you to this world"

"I can forgive but will never ever forget what you did"

"You are a whore"

"Don't you ever dare talk to me like that again"

"In you entire life."

"Just Shut up or Keep quiet before I slap you"

"I knew you were no good"

"I said it, you are a liar"

These words may look like you are expressing your feelings, but they do deeper than that.

When you are calm and back to your senses, the wounds they could cause may never hear as you think.

Instead of hurling curse words, hurtful words, you can quietly walk away.

It is painful but t is better than the pain of regret for words that you never intended to go that badly.

Are there any other thoughts, kindly share so we all keep learning.

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