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On Having the Courage to Leave When There Is Nothing Left to Hold On To

Nature will reward you with another 'Hello' when you are brave enough to tell someone 'Goodbye'.

You will lose the sight of who you are when you try to change yourself in other to fix the relationship you have with your partner. Saving a relationship can't be achieved by losing your true self.

You have to build your sense of self-worth and focus on your strength. You have to stay true to yourself always, because life was brighter.

When my marriage seems to be holding against me and when there was nothing left for me in the union, I thought about leaving the union for three months. I encouraged myself and told my husband i wanted a divorce. Like I expected, he concurred with my decision. His reaction really proved that there was not to hold on to in the relationship.

After the divorce process was done, I immediately embraced my own strength and u become true to myself. I then found the full courage to follow my own decision and to start a new life amidst fear of not going to succeed.

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