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5 Things Good Lovers Do Better

When you see good lovers with good relationships, just know that they didn't arrive there by luck, those involved have decided to put in more effort to make it look the way you see it. No other person will build your home for you, you have to make it work yourself.

When you see a couple who appear as though they have never fought each other, or maybe they appear as though God designed them perfect for each other, try to know why it is like that. It will be of great help to your relationship.

There are things good lovers do that make their marriage sweet and their union worthy of emulation. So read through and see if you need to add one or two things to the ones you have been practicing with your spouse.

1. Good lovers listen more. They didn't see communication as talking and response, they see it beyond that. They learn how to listen when their partner/spouse is saying something. They are eager to learn new things from their partner and that has made them know how to effectively care for each other.

2. Good lovers can predict each other. They have known each other to the point that each partner can say, this is where my spouse is. They don't joke with their trust and they never allow outsiders to influence them into suspecting each other. Because of the trust, when the wife says she is going for a vigil in the church, the husband knows that his wife is heading to church. They try not to doubt each other and each of them also avoids anything that will make his/her partner start doubting him/her.

3. Good lovers respect each other. You may not see any of these lovers pointing hands at each other in the public as a result of a misunderstanding. The husband knows that he should not correct his wife before his children and visitors, and the wife also knows his boundary when there is a misunderstanding between her and her husband. Thus, they are maintaining a good relationship

4. Good lovers keep their problems off the public. You will never know when they have a misunderstanding because they know how to settle their differences on their own. They are aware that sharing their differences outside may attract all manner of advice which may promote their relationship or affect them otherwise.

5. Good lovers apologize to each other. It may be very difficult to see a relationship where lovers will not offend each other. When such happened, each knows his/her fault and will be willing to apologize to each other thereby maintaining a good and happy relationship.

I believe that, if couples will apply these also in their union, it will make them the next good lovers and they will become the envy of others.

Content created and supplied by: MichaelPD1st (via Opera News )


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