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9 Signs It Is Time To Walk Away From A Relationship - Beauty Akpai

Mrs Beauty Akpai, the wife of Apostle Daniel Akpai sends an important message to women who are in a relationship via a video on her Facebook page (Relationship Matters with Beauty Akpai). She explains 9 Signs it is time for you to walk away from your relationship and they are:

1. When He Or She No Longer Makes An Effort For You

Efforts could come from calls, messages and spending time together and it is one proof that someone is truly interested in you. When you discover you are the only one putting effort and investing time in that relationship then it means it's time for you to walk away from it.

2. You Feel Anxiety When You Try To Talk About The Future With Him or Her

You will definitely know if a future lies in your relationship and when you feel anxious talking about it then you need to walk away from it. You look at the way they're behaving in the present and with that, you couldn't see anything in the future then you need to walk away from it

3. When You Don't Trust Him Or Her

Every relationship built on the Foundation of a lack of trust will not last. When you find out that you don't trust your partner then you just have to walk away because a relationship without trust will surely fall.

4. You Don't Have Peace Of Mind

Every relationship suffers misunderstandings but when it happens frequently, then there is a problem. Misunderstandings destroy the peace of mind in the relationship and when that happens a lot you need to let go.

5. When They Prioritize Their Friend Over You Persistently

When you notice that your partner prioritizes your friends and other people above you, it means that you're not important and you need to leave that relationship immediately. You should be number one

6. When You Are Trying Too Hard To Make It Work

If only one person is trying to make a relationship work then it needs to end. There is no point in fixing a relationship that is valued by only you.

7. When There Is Fear

When you are afraid of your partner then it is a red flag in that relationship. You cannot bring up your own opinion and you feel suppressed by your partner. The attitude even sometimes intimidates and oppresses you, then you have to be careful.

8. When You Feel Disrespected All The Time

Both parties in a relationship deserve respect due to different levels and when you feel disrespected in a relationship then there is no love. It is important that you let go of that relationship

9. When You Feel The Relationship Is Standing In The Way Of You Achieving Your Dreams

Your partner should be one of the visionaries of your dream and when he or she is standing against the movement and fulfilment of it then that relationship cannot stand.

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