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Women Will See You As A Challenge If You Do These 4 Things

One of the best ways to stand out in the eyes of women is to be a challenge. When you are a challenge to a woman, it means you are the selector and not the selectee. It means you have communicated to her that you are a high-status man. Understand that women get approached every time and many men are willing to do anything to get them. So, to avoid being average, you have to become a challenge to her. How do you do this? 

1. Don't agree to everything she wants: Most guys because they want a woman to accept them, do anything she asks for. If you agree to everything she wants, she will think you are doing it because you want something from her. This is manipulative to them. On the other hand, if you say "no" to some requests, she will feel attraction for you because you are being real. It means you are not afraid of losing her. This makes her think you are a high-value man that shouldn't be messed up with. 

2. Don't compliment her unless she deserves it: Most men think that by complimenting a woman every time, she will feel attraction for them. This is wrong. Complimenting a woman when she doesn't earn it is what many average guys do. So, be different. She should truly earn the compliment before you do it. 

3. Set boundaries: To be a challenge, a woman shouldn't misbehave in your presence without you calling her out. Don't do this angrily. Be calm and tell her that you don't like what she said or did and she shouldn't do it again. Also, don't be one that complains every time. Just do this once in a while. This will make her respect you more because you are acting like a real man. 

4. Don't buy her affection: Many men get disappointed after spending on a woman and get nothing in return. Women know the games men play. If you think you can buy the affection of a high-value woman with gifts and dinners, you must be kidding. Can you make a woman happy without you buying things? If you want to be a challenge, don't buy her affection, use your personality to win her over. 

5. Stop chasing her after some time: when you newly meet a woman, you should give her some attention for you to build attraction, but after some time, stop chasing her. Allow her to miss you. If you don't stop when it is needed, you become needy to her.

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