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10 Nigerian Guys Who Met White Women Online And Got Married To Them (Photos)

We have seen photos of young Nigerian men getting married to white women (usually older). These photos, whenever they pop up online, brings out a general reaction from Nigerians.

The reaction is always one of amusement. You see, we all know what is going on. When a young man exchanges marital vows with a white lady.

Nigerian men sought for greener pastures in the golden streets of Europe and America. The hook of this scam is to get in contact with a white woman (preferably older). These days this is done online via several dating websites.

The second step is to make her fun in love with you. The third thing to do after she is head over heels for you is to propose. This is when you see these women fly into Nigeria and get married to a young Nigerian hustler at a wedding registry.

This marriage you rated bad or unholy has taken this guy's to their greener pastures. They are married and living the life of happiness.

See more pictures of some guys who met old white women online and got married

It is anything but difficult to reprimand others when you are not from the their point of view. Okay rather wed your age mate and live in penury or wed a more established lady and carry on with an agreeable life? 

Send in your answers and observations via the comment section below.

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