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This Is For Parents: See 20 secretive Slangs Teenagers Use That You Don't Know About

One among the bad mistakes parents do when raising up kids is giving them access to the internet way to early.

Yes, this has become a norm in our contemporary and it does more harm to our kids than good.

If you decide to get your kids phone at a tender age, then you should ensure that they don't have access to the internet. Only for games and that's all.

As much as we would want to talk about the benefits of the internet to our kids in terms of academic affairs, we tend to neglect the negative effects of it which is on high probability of damaging them.

Children of nowadays are not like Children of those days, this ones quickly pick up anything they see and install it in their brain immediately.

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The constant failure of parents to allow their child who is not legally up to age to have access to the internet has caused several damages to the children.

You notice that a 13 year old already has a boyfriend and that might not even be her very first..

Teenagers do all type of silly things with their cell phones and this is as a result of lack of meticulously Follow up on them as a parent.

Today this article is going to be focusing on the secretive Acronyms/Slangs teenagers use when texting each other, in other to make it impossible for their parents/guardians to read, even if they're caught red handed.

So, I am going to put out 29 acronym that teens use more often to text.

1: Pron - this indirectly translates to Porn, they put it so, in other to hide the actual meaning from the alduts.

2: 8 - Oral S*x

3: KOTL- Kiss on the lips

4 : LsMIRL- Let's meet in real life

5: SUARPIC - Suggestive or errotic photo

6: CD9 - Parents around/Code9

7: IPN - I'm posting naked

8: TDTM - Talk dirty to me

9: LH6 - Let's have s*x

10: WTTP - Want to trade pictures?

11: DOC - Drug of choice

12: GYPO - Get your pants off

13: IWSN - I want sex now

14: GNOC - Get Naked on the camera

15: KPC - Keeping parents clueless

16: PIR - Parents in room

17: 9 - Parents In room

18:99 - Parents gone

19:1174 - Party meeting place

20: NIFOC - Naked in front of computer

There are many more, but I managed to put out these essential ones, so, if you are a parent who have grown up kids who chat on phones with their mate's, since you've already given him or her access to the internet. Kindly take note of the this Slangs as it would help you know what your teenage child is up to.

Also make sure that their phones are not passworded.

This list will redifine exactly how you monitor your teens conversation with his/her peers.

If you think parenting is still the same as what our parents did you will fail.

Our kids are our responsibility, we must guide them well.

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