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Opinion: Reasons To Love Beyond Every Horizon

Life is too short not to be caught in the bliss once or twice. Love is a conjugal bliss, some will say it is transactional, and others will say it is a reason to live. But in all this, all I have to say is, you should have a sip of this wine, just a cup of a good mellifluous could get even the meanest tipsy. It's alluring to be in this romance expanse, its nice to be caught in something you have no control over. The auro, the moments, the smiles, the peace, the fights, the late nights, and even mood swings. I hate to admit but its aurora has its own unique due drops.

Love should be felt by every living being. It's a medicine with no dosage, lots of it will do good. A little will heal as well. We should all be involved in moments that makes us forget what pain feels like and makes burdens feel light. I can confidently say love is solace than lone will ever be. Singles should mingle and know a world of warmth and intimacy.

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