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3 Important Things You Should Do As A Man To Make Your Partner Love You Forever

Relationships and marriage is not an easy road at all. It comes with a lot of temptations and lessons. For the sake of this article, we shall be looking at three things you should do as a man if you want your woman to love and cherish you forever.

1. Never allow them carry so much burden: In case you are not aware, the female gender is very fragile and as such, their body was not wired to carry so much burden in any relationship unlike the men.

When the burden becomes so much on them, they tend to complain a lot which might result to acting in a disobedient manner towards their partner.

Believe you me, no matter how much you think your partner loves you, just allow her to carry the maximum burden in a relationship, then you would see her reactions towards you.

The things coming out of the same mouth she used in professing her love for you would shock you.

2. Always Appreciate Them: Whether you like it or not, appreciation is a very important attribute in life which everyone should posses. The male gender should always try as much as possible to commend their partners, in the efforts they put in a relationship , no matter how little it is.

Those few words of appreciation spurs them to do more.You can get anything you want from them once you have the key to their heart.

3. Never you lay your hands on your woman: As a man, you have no right whatsoever to turn your woman into a punching bag or an object of caricature. They were created by God to be a companion to mankind.

I am not disputing the fact that their buccal cavity runs like wildfire, you still have to control your temper as a man. All you need to do when you are angry is to simply walk away from the house or scene for few hours so your anger can subside.

If we should listen or act towards women in respect to what comes out of their mouth, then murder would become the order of the day.

I urge us all as men to overlook certain things in our women and imbibe this very important attribute called tolerance. This is the only way we can peacefully live with them.

Let me also quickly remind you that there is no perfect relationship as well as Mr or Mrs right anywhere, we all have our shortcomings.

Moreso, any particular character you cannot change during dating, marriage would not make it change either. It's either you quit the relationship during the dating stage or accept wholeheartedly whatever that comes out of it.

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