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Things Women Should do After S3x to Remain Healthy.

Staying healthy is one among the many important things that women should always consider, especially during and after intimacy with their partners. This article therefore, focuses on the things women should do after such activity in order for them to remain healthy and how they can keep their relationships with their partners active.

According to, no matter how experienced an individual thinks he/she is, there are certain mistakes such individual might be making in terms of making out with his/her spouse. People do focus on the dos and don'ts during such activity but forget to pay attention to the before and after dos and don'ts. After such activity, the individual may not realize the importance of some minute things which can end up causing serious health challenges.

Some relationships tend to become inactive after meeting for the first time, and this according to WikiHow, might be because of the inability of both persons to keep themselves interested in each other. Activities like going out on dates, calling each other, complimenting each other, building trust and having value for each other are necessary in keeping your relationship active in the long run.

And so, things women should do after sex to remain healthy include;

1. Wash your vulva with warm water; According to, women should always wash their vulva with warm water after engaging in such activity with their spouses. This is because bacteria from the fingers, mouth and rectum can increase their chances of developing yeast or bacterial infection after it is done. However, women should avoid washing the vagina because it has its own internal wash cycle which keeps it clean and balanced.

According to WebMD, cleaning the vagina can lead to more infectious diseases because it upsets the natural balance of bacteria that protects the vagina.

2. Drink Water; According to, women should always hydrate themselves after such activity with their partners. This is because, dehydration affects the entire body, including the vagina. It is important to refuel with water, especially if your vagina felt like sandpaper during such activity.

According to WebMD, when a woman drinks water after making out, she will pee more, which means that more bacteria will be flushed out of her body before infections can flare up.

3. Eat probiotic-rich foods; According to, fermented foods such as yogurt have the same good bacteria that are found in the vagina, and consuming such foods after such activity can help in replenishing the good bacteria in the vagina, which ultimately helps to decrease the risk of yeast infection.

WikiHow also noted that a post-snack such as yogurt and kombucha can help both partners to become more intimate.

4. Empty your bladder; According to WebMD, bacteria can get into your urethra during such activity with your partner, which can increase the chances of an infection buildup. However, such bacteria can be flushed out when you pee. Women should also wipe their bladders from front to back to stop the spread of bacteria in the vagina.

5. Get tested for infections; According to WebMD, women who are sensually active, particularly those that just met a new partner, should always get themselves tested for STDs after making out with their partners. This is because, these infections do not exhibit any symptoms most of the time. And so, testing is the only way to know for sure if you have contacted one. Also symptoms like discharge, blisters, pain, sores, spots or lumps around the vagina should be looked out for after intimacy.

According to WikiHow, women should also learn how to talk to their partners about their sexual health statuses before having sex.

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