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Why You Shouldn't Marry a Man Just Because of His Money

Everyone likes money because it makes virtually every desire come true. A large proportion of women feel that marrying a man just for financial reasons is wise upstairs.

Staying in loveless marriages, on the other hand, is often seen as the root cause of many divorces and different types of gender-based violence. Marriage should be done for love, not for money, otherwise it will not be pleasurable or even work in the first place.

Here are four major reasons why it is not good for a lady to engage into a marital relationship for the sake of money:

1.It might not stay long.

Money isn't something that lasts. It arrives today and departs the next day. As a result, it should not be the motivating element for entering a relationship, since when it disappears, there will be enormous disappointment.

2.Money is not the be-all and end-all of life.

Even the world's wealthiest people encounter difficulties. Being close to a wealthy guy without love would not solve life's difficulties.

3. It will not bring you happiness.

Money has always been a source of disagreement. As a result, if a lady marries a man because of his enormous money, they would undoubtedly quarrel over it. Though money may purchase a lot of things to make a woman happy, those things will eventually wear out and happiness will fade.

4.You are more costly than money.

Marriage is equivalent to a life sentence. Living with a man for the rest of your life just for the money in his bank is a degrading experience. A woman's honesty is considerably more valuable than a man's money.

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