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Never Let Out These 3 Secrets About Your Relationship To Anybody.

There are certain things you should always keep between you and your partner in a relationship. Not everything should involve third parties, disclosing some things could only seen as disrespect to your partner. If you can't even keep these secrets then you are probably not even ready for marriage. 

3 secrets you should never let out are:

1) Sex related issues :

It is utmost disrespect and disloyalty for you discuss the sexual performance of your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend to anybody. This should be should a secret between you two, don't go about telling your friends about, that us just plain rudeness.

2) Your partners weak points:

You should be the one to protect your partner not making him or her vulnerable to other people. Telling people people their weak points only makes them vulnerable. They showed it it to you or told you out of trust, you should never expose it. 

3) Details of your misunderstanding:

You should learn to solve relationship issues between yourselves, don't go around telling others what happened in your relationship and all details of your fights. 

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