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How To Know When A Lady Is Interested in You Through Text Messages

Back in the days, lovers make use of letters written on paper and then give them to someone to help them pass across to their lover. This day, lovers make use of text messages to express their feelings. One of the advantages of this is that it gives room for a shy person to express his/her feelings.

It is easy to know when a lady has an interest in you when you are talking face to face. But when you are chatting, you may have to pay more attention to detail before you can be able to conclude.

1. She will be initiating a conversation with you. You may be the one that will initiate text with her on the first day, but from that day onward, if she has an interest in you, she may start sending you texts just to make sure you both text each other.

2. She will text you for no reason. She can just text you when there is no reason for that. She can send a text like hey! , how far?

3. She will not want you to go. If you start chatting with each other, she will not want you to go because she enjoys your company. Even though you are not there, your text makes her feel you are there with her. If you tell her goodbye, she may reply with "so soon".

4. She will always have things to text you. When a lady has interest in you, she will have time and things to text you. She will not feel boring unlike when a lady doesn't have interest in you. She will ignore your text even when it is obvious that she has seen it. She will then give you one excuse or the other why she couldn't reply. But a lady who has interest in you will be happy to chat with you and will find time to reply to your text.

5. She will text you in the night. When you receive a text from her in the night. There are no two ways about it. She has been awake thinking of you and when she could no longer hold it, she text you. This should make you know that she has interest in you.

6. She sends longer texts. When a lady doesn't have interest in you, she can reply to all your long texts with "k" for ok or type "urw" for "you are welcome". But if she has time to send long text messages to you, then she has an interest in you.

7. She makes use of emojis. When your texts/chatting with her has grown to the point that she starts expressing her feelings with emojis. Maybe she started using emojis like 😍 , 😘🥰, then you should know that she is now waiting for you to be a man and tell her your mind. Because she is already in love with you

8. She will start sharing her picture with you. Finally, if she started sending her pictures to you, sending voice notes, or making video call. You should not be waiting for someone to confirm to you that she has fallen in love with you. You should do the needful.

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