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3 Common Lies Men Tell Just To Win Over A Lady

Men lie, women lie. It is something that is part of human nature to create a way of getting out of a difficult situation. It's a way of deceiving people to believe or do something we want them to do to your advantage.

Most men tell lies to win over a girl because they feel it is the easiest way to get what they want. As a lady, you need to be aware of the lies men tell to win over a girl so you can avoid them. It is now believed that 7 out of ten men tell some of these.

In this article, we will be revealing to you some common lies men tell to win over a lady.

Here are 3 common lies men tell to win over a lady below.

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1) I am single

This is one of the most common lies men tell to win over a lady. Even when a man is having a partner, he tends to lie to a lady about him being single just to win over her. And men also tell this lie so the lady can trust them.

2) No sex before marriage

This is another common lie men tell just to get their way. A man will lie to the lady that there will be no sex before marriage since that's what the lady wants. But as soon as you start the relationship with them, they began to demand sex asking you questions like what is a relationship without sex. So you should know that men tell this common lie to get their way.

3) Lies about money

Young men that are not married often try to impress women that they have money when they do not.

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