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A 25 years Old Girl Said She Loves Being a Virgin, And Promised To Stay Pure Till she's 35, See why

A 25 years old girl who was confirmed to be a virgin from Etwatwa,Ekurhuleni, was interviewed by the Daily sun, who's part of a group called the Etwatwa virgin Group and "Ndabazane", is an organization that encourages girls to stay pure.

My name is Sweety Ngcodo, staying pure is my personal choice, I made it to 25 I don't see why I won't get to 35.

I made this decision at an early age not to get involved in sexual relationships, and this had saved me from problems my age mate are facing, peer pressure is something I don't experience I'm doing something I love.

It help me focus on my studies, I don't see it benefits at this age, it waste of time and focus. I want to have a better life and the only way to attain it is to focus on my studies, not men, I am a second year tourism student.

My mum 'Dinakatso' (46) years, is my number o one supporter.

The proud mother said, my daughter Sweety is a good girl and I am proud of her, it not easy to be a single mother, but with her, it feels good to have a child that listens to you.

A Coordinator from the Etwatwa Virgin Group, Johanna Mthethwa, said the girls were tested regularly and rituals are done to cleanse the whole group if ond of them was found to have lost her virginity," we consider it bad luck to all other virgins and the man who slept with the girl guy who slept with the girl buys a goat "she said"

For me it a good decision, it will be her drive, but putting too much on it, any mistake it gonna feel like, what is left, it won't be easy to recover from, and I believe she might be doing it to please her mother, who had a bad relationship I think or what do we think about it.

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