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If you have an annoying partner, this is how to resolve your differences: Opinion

The first part of this article will be from a man's perspective as I do not seem to know what ladies have going on in their hearts. But when I address the part of the ladies, I will be doing that by leaking some of the bro codes. Maybe that'll help them to figure out HOW TO DEAL WITH THEIR ANNOYING PARTNERS....

Recently, I have been a terribly annoying person. Not because I am an annoying person. (of course, I am not the devil from the movie; Lucifer). But I was so infuriated at the annoyance rating of my partner and I was thinking I couldn't hold it anymore. Hence, I ventured into doubling up the dose she gave and fed her with a taste of her own pill. The intentions were good but the means I took were definitely not good and I caused more harm than good. That left us to be two annoying partners.

Often times our partners do crazy stuff, piss us off. Sometimes, their inabilities to have a simple conversation without a pinch of drama or without making less of the message being passed can really get to piss one off. Therefore, a consistent turnout of anger, yelling and maybe 'paybacks' will either crash you both or reveal yawl’s weaknesses.

For me, it wasn't a fight to fix. It was a fight to bring to clarity what was going on between us and known if I was to stay in the relationship or just call it quits. Of course, I was going to breakup if I noticed the bratty attitudes seemed undefinable and intentionally unrepentant.

I am definitely not telling you guys the full details of my love life. (that would be dumb and weird). But find below, what I can say are things that helped me to get out of that grudge state with my partner and got me working on the relationship for the better.

1.   AVOID VIOLENCE: from the on start, I had been the type that leads campaign against domestic violence. Therefore, I don't really understand how much it means to be angry and want to hit someone. But I can really say that I think I understand why people try to express their anger. The question is this... WHY EXACTLY DO YOU THINK HITTING HIM/HER IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE YOUR GRIEVANCES KNOWN? There are tons of other ways to let someone know that you are angry. Unless you don't mind going to jail, then, Slam away. But seriously? Beating each other up? I've seen too many of that, and I know one thing for sure. VIOLENCE FIXES NOTHING.

2.   DON'T EVER PRETEND: do you think you didn't like the shiny lipsticks she's always having on. You don't like the haircut he has on. You don't like the way he or she relates with people rudely? The list goes on. Whatever it is that you like or do not like. Do not pretend that it is the opposite. It doesn't matter if you are being selfish or not. What matters is your ability to be HONEST about EVERYTHING. This helps you guys to have a clean and clear understanding of each other. You don't want to pretend she looks appealing to you with her body almost naked or you seeing her curvatures in a sexually provoking manner all because you are avoiding trouble. Actually, you'll be building a castle of trouble that way. Because, you will eventually get tired of that partner of yours.

3.   DO THE REVERSE OF WHAT YOU USED TO DO: sometimes, people take us for granted because we are predictable and they know that we have no choice than to be there for them in times of need or companionship. When you get a little unpredictable, it helps your partner to have a review of things and check what they are doing wrong that's making you lose a hand of your robotic nature.

4.   DO AWAY WITH WHATEVER IS CLOUDING YOUR JUDGMENT: one mistake is, we are too hasty to involve in sex. We get our emotions all wobbled up when we engage in sex and the truth is, it gives you the wrong reasons to not want to leave a relationship. It may sound funny but people have stuck in abusive relationship because the sex felt perfect, because the lady is beautiful, because she is good at cooking. Some even stay because the man has cash. Like they say, motive precedes actions. uhm?

5.   DON'T BE STUPID be continued


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