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4 Things That May Boost Your Libido During Intimacy

Some people may not have the drive to perform properly, during intimacy. This may be as a result of your hormone levels, the type of medications that you take and your sleeping pattern. Libido is a drive that allows you to get intimate. People do not have the same libido, but as you advance in age, it may reduce. According to a research, there are some things that may help you improve your libido during intimacy. It is important to eat healthy foods, and maintain a healthy life style.

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This article will look at 4 things that may boost your libido during intimacy. They include the following:

1. Eating certain types of food items

According to a research, there are types of food items that may help increase your drive during intimacy. Food items like maca, banana and avocado are called aphrodisiac food items because, they help to improve intimacy. They have properties that enable blood circulate around the body, and even to the private organ which promotes healthy intimacy.

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2. Eating root vegetables and herbs

Eating herbs and vegetables like basil or garlic, can help to improve intimacy. Basil contains mint and it helps to stimulate the senses, while garlic contains allicin that helps to increase blood flow, to the private organ.

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3. Reduce your intake of alcohol

Taking too much alcohol can reduce your ability to release a discharge, from your private organ during intimacy. It is important that you reduce your intake of alcohol.

4. Getting enough sleep may help you have a high drive during intimacy. People who work to hard may always get tired, and not have time for intimacy. It is important that you get enough rest, so that your body will be relaxed during intimacy.

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It is important to visit a therapist, to talk more about your intimate life.

Source: healthline

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