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Steps to take for reviving a dead marriage

Steps to take for reviving dead marriage

Nothing hurts quite like a fallen marriage,and there's no loneliness as intense as living with a stranger,especially one that used to be your best friend. So how did you get here,and is there any way to get back to the love you once knew?. To that giggly,hand holding stage you swore to one another you'd never leave?.

The answer is unequivocal yes,let's take a closer look at steps to Marital healing.

1. Pray

Most of us hates to hear the word 'pray' you just want to do some something quick without involving God. That's bad! The truth is bitter they'd always say,but it's better to tell the truth always. Prayer is the key to a successful marriage.

So many times it's easier to pick up the phone and call your friend to discuss your dead marriage,than it is to do the right and turn to God first for His direction.

Going to our friends first can create numerous problems. Mankind wisdom directly opposes God's. We have been living a false life in the Society that has wreaked havoc in many marriages.

God design marriages to a encompass act spouses who mutually love one another selflessly.

2. Let go and forgive

Unforgiveness is a growing poison that steals joy and isolate you not only from the one who has wounded you but from all your relationships. In order to revive your marriage,you need to forgive your spouse and let go of whatever bad things she must have done to you.

3. Fight with everything you've got

Fight;not with your spouse but for him or her,isn't that what unconditional love is all about? isn't that the kind of love each of us longs for?A Love that sees us at our worst but chooses to remember us at our own best? A love that becomes our support when we feel like we're going to crumble?.

One that looked past our actions and reactions to our heart within a heart that usually won't reveal itself until all fear of abandonment is gone.

This kind of love is tough,it doesn't come naturally. In fact,initially our self protecting heart might need to seek reinforcement. Never be afraid to use the word 'Counseling'. Meeting together with an unbiased professional counselor will give you and your spouse a safe place to talk openly until you reach the root of the problem.

Remember the vows you spoke on your wedding day;to love,cherish and honour forsaking all other in the good and in the bad.

5. Choose hope and always be ready to begin again

It won't be easy,long-term committed love is never easy,but you'll never find the intimacy you long for if you walk away,because the problem doesn't lie entirely with your spouse.

If you have any question bothering your heart,you can ask in the comment box below,this is really important and it means a lot to me. Thanks.

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