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Before You Propose Marriage To Any Girl, Ask Her These Three Important Questions

If you are in a relationship with a woman, there is a possibility that the relationship will lead to marriage. But getting married to a girl is not a decision you should make in a hurry. There are basic questions you should ask a girl before proposing to her.

When you meet a girl girl for the first time, you are likely going to be attracted to her physical appearance. But when it comes to marriage, you need to some important things about her before proposing.

Ask her these three questions before proposing to her.

1. Ask her about her past relationship

This is a very important question to ask a girl before proposing. If she was already in a serious relationship with someone, try to find out what ended the relationship.

Proposing to a girl that was in a committed relationship can cause a big problem especially when the former boyfriend has spent a lot of money on her. It can also bring about problems in marriage.

2. Ask her about her future plans.

When you want to marry a girl, you should also consider her future plans. Try to find out what her ambition is so that will know if it's something you will accept.

Some men end up getting married to a lady who had dreams for herself and they eventually stop her from chasing her goals just because the husband does not like the profession.

To avoid something like this, ensure you ask her about her future plans before proposing.

3. Ask her about her parents, family history and culture.

Different families have different values. Before you propose to a girl, ensure you find out more about her parents and their family beliefs.

These are very important questions you should ask a girl before proposing to her.


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