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Divorce Affair

5 Presidents Who Got Divorced While In Office

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President Nicolas Sarkozy

The Former France President, Nicolas Sarkozy was the first French president to divorced in office after separating from his wife in 2007. Just a year later, he remarried to Carla Bruni, a singer-songwriter.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

The popular former Italy Prime minister got divorced from former actress Veronica Lario, in 2009. 

 President Nelson Mandela

Former South Africa President got his 38-year marriage dissolved with bis wife, Winnie. The former president claimed Winnie was having an affair. 

 President Hugo Chavez

The former Venezuela president divorced his wife blaming her for having bad temper while she blamed hin for his infidelity.

Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, Greece

In Greece, adultery is a crime but immediately he took office this aforementioned president overturned that law and unsurprisingly divorce his wife of 38 years just to marry an air stewardess more than 30 years younger than him. He got media backlash for this.

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