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Check out: How to win a girl's heart

It is not authomatic to fall in love with someone. Most people if not all believe that love at first sight is true love. Love at first sight do not last. Falling in love is gradual.

Here are the ways you can win the heart of a girl

1. Do not be in haste. Let the relationship develop. This is because, being in haste could shatter and creep her out. Develop stronger feelings for her.

2. Be confident and brave. Almost all the girls like people with much confident. Walk up to her and start a conversation. Tell her ur name and plead with her to give you a couple of minutes of her time.

3.Prove to her that you really like her. Show her that you are not just lusting or crushing for her. Look her in the eye and talk to her. Ask her about herself and listen to her.

4. Make her laugh. Do not take advantage of this. Let her be your best friend to ease into things. If you really do care about her, she will know but she won't tell you that.

5. Make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Girls love to be complimented but do not overdo it in a new relationship. You can compliment her by saying something like "you are beautiful"

6. Ask her out on a date and let her know that you love her. Take her out. Buy her some things and go to hotel. Tell her that you love her and wait for her response.

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