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Top and best captions of the moment - check out (laughing without pause) Top and best captions of the moment - check out (laughing without pause ) So funny

Before I go down to this guys , I want to to follow ,share and react on my post if you really find it funny . So let get down to

1. This is also my mom when you will be like "mom please help me with my assignment" and she will be like "bring it let me see "

2._ when you ask your mom a simple question and she turns it into an argument

3. Visitors mood , when you want someone's food but you don't want to ask.

4. This is part of my childhood experience ,especially when you broke a plate and you mom (confirm African woman) be like " who broke this plate .

5. All my guys are ballers , ( this is me and my olodo group)_

6. School is really fun I swear.

7. I really want to look muscular but mama food won't won't let me be and when I go back to campus my body will be from muscular to slim " so this is me doing push up" .

8. Because you are really fat , ain't you .

9._ having best friend make work easily and fun to do .

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