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3 Possible Reasons Why Men Hide Their True Feelings

Men are not that cold as women may think. They tend to see things differently from the way women do. They as well try to be sure the feelings they have for any lady is true before they act. While women show their feelings in obvious and covert ways, men tend to be different. They will only act when they are sure their inner feelings and mind act in unison. Below are three reasons why they act the way they do when they are in love.

1. They are scared of their feelings being toyed with

Believe me when I say men too are prone to emotional imbalances most expecially when they realised they have been used. Men want to prour out their feelings to a lady who they know is right and ready for them. They also suffer from heartbreak just like women and tend to thread carefully. So if you see a guy who is yet to open up to you, just give him some time.

2. Their emotional bonds take much longer

Unlike women who are ready to take the relationship on a full speed, men tend to take their time. That's why you see some women who are ready to go any length for her man only to find out the guy is stalling things up. So if you are the type who cannot wait for him to build up feelings for you then you may as well leave than to get yourself frustrated at the end.

3. Men tend to get scared if their feelings

Unlike women who are ready to hook up with any guy that shows up at their door, men aren't like that. They are scared of being deceived by their mind. Most of the love you see nowadays are to chop and run. So they need time to evaluate their options well before acting in a way they will regret later on. 

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