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Husband and wife relationship

"Together since 1948" beautiful couple celebrate their 70 years anniversary in adorable pictures.

If one should count what God has done for him or her the person should remember to count happy marriage and true love if he or she has one. Happy marriage is one thing that keeps a couple Young both mentally and physically. There are people who are married with so much achievements physically but inwardly they are not happy.

Some people if possible can buy happiness with money because they have so much money in their homes yet they don't have happy Homes. Recently in the human Society there are many cases of killings, husbands killing wife wives, husbands children, children killing parents and so many ungodly acts and this thing's shorten the Joy of a home.

When I came across this pictures on Facebook, I prayed in my heart that God blesses me with this kind of long lasting love whereby the love gets stronger and even younger by the day. It's there 70 years marriage anniversary and they are healthy and strong.

It doesn't matter what you have or who you are, what matters most is, does the person you are married to understand your kind of person? Marriage has to do with understanding and agreement because the reason why so many couples fight is because no one wants to agree to the others terms.

Civilization has done so many good to the society but still has got so many things wrong by making divorce an easy thing to do. So many women do not have the strength to fix their homes once it gets to a trial stage rather they believe that once they can't do it, they will file for a divorce which is so wrong because it doesn't only affect the couple but the children at long run.

After seeing the pictures, while I prayed for myself to find this kind of lasting joy, I equally pray for families especially those ones that are facing so many challenges in their homes. May the good Lord fix broken homes and restore happiness and joy to their various homes, Amen.

Congratulations and many more years in good health.

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