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4 Signs A Girl Wants You To Approach Her

Once a lady has feelings for you, there are certain signs she would portray that would obviously tell you how she feels for you. So, as a man, you think a lady is into you but you are not yet sure, then you are in the right place. Below are 4 Signs a girl wants you to approach her.

Here Are 4 Signs A Girl Wants You To Approach Her.

* She Gets Shy When You Look At Her: This is one sign a girl into you and wants you to approach her. If you notice that a girl gets shy whenever you look at her or talk to her, then she obviously has secret feelings for you because no ordinary girl would get shy just because you spoke to her or looked at her, so if you notice that in a woman and you feel the same way for her, then you should obviously approach her.

* She Tries To Get Your Attention: This is another thing most ladies do if they want to get a guy to approach them. Most ladies try to get your attention by doing silly but cute things in front of you, trying to make you notice their presence and talk to them.

* She Tries To Get Close To You Or Even Touch You : This is another thing most ladies do when they have feelings for someone. If a ladies tries to get close to you or even touch you without any exact reason, then she might actually have feelings for you.

Trying to touch or get close to someone is a sign that she wants you to notice her and approach her.

* She Tries To Maintain Eye Contact With You: This is another important thing most women do when they are into a man. If a lady tries to maintain eye contact with you at all times or even majority of the times, then she might be feeling something for you. Maintaining eye contact is a sign that a lady truly wants to get your attention.

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