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Fun Facts About Women Everyone Should Know

The female gender is a beautiful gift to nature. This particular gender has proven time and time again that the world will be an empty place without them. God blessed women with various assets which men can attest to.

Understanding the female gender could seem like studying a whole new course. Most men are of the opinion that women are extremely hard to understand. Many go with the saying "with women, you never can tell", well, that's the mystery God blessed them with.

Life wouldn't be that interesting if we were to understand every single thing, some mysteries could actually be some fun. There are actually a good number of ways to understand the female gender, it's all about understanding and patience. Sometimes, character does the talking.

Today, I compiled a few facts concerning the female gender. These facts are meant to enlighten and open the eyes of most men who are trying to have a look into the minds and hearts of women.

1. Statistics show that a woman dies every 90 seconds from either childbirth or pregnancy complications. Majority of these could have actually been prevented if some of these women were provided proper education and care.

2. 80% of all refugees consists primarily of displaced women.

3. In 1920, women finally gained the right to vote in an American election. This means men have held that veto power for a very long time.

4. 15.1% of officer posts and government positions were held by women as of 2012.

5. Women speak 20,000 words a day. This is about 13, 000 times more than men.

6. In ancient Rome, women used to wear the sweat of gladiators in order to improve beauty and complexion.

7. Russia has 9 million more women than men.

8.Women spend almost a whole year just trying to decide what to wear.

9.Women's hearts beat faster than men's.

Hope you enjoyed these fun facts.

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