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Four Things You Should Do To Earn Your Woman’s Respect

Getting respect from your woman is key in a relationship because it makes you feel safe and secure. When a woman no longer respects a man, it shows her attraction for him has reduced and if nothing is being done to regain the respect, it might degenerate into something worse. A woman respecting you shows she has accepted you for who you are. It makes the relationship stronger. In other to keep your woman's respect, there are things you should always do.

1. Respect her: As it is often said "respect is reciprocal," to earn your woman's respect, you must first respect her. You have to treat her the same way you want to be treated. If you look down on her because of differences in your financial or social status, don't expect her to accord you the respect you deserve. Respect is important to humankind and having a successful relationship.

2. Be reliable: A woman's respect for you will reduce when you can't keep to your words. If you constantly promise what you can't fulfill, she's going to lose her respect for you. Don't say you will get her a special gift by December only when push comes to shove you start giving flimsy excuses. If you know you can't carry through your words, there is no point in making vows. A woman will judge you by your actions not by what you say. 

3. Be humble: Humility is key to having a successful relationship. When you are humble, it inspires your woman to grow and respect you more. This doesn't mean you should be weak or submissive in your relationship. Humility shows you are willing to learn from your partner. It means you can admit your mistakes without feeling ashamed. Women respect humble guys.

4. Get her gifts: Women love gifts no doubt. A gift to a woman shows you have been thinking about her. It shows you know her worth in your life. It shows you are proud of her and the relationship. Giving her gifts will uplift her mood her she feels low. If you are not that good at using words to eulogize a woman, a gift will fill in the void in the relationship.

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