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Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

An ex might want you back because they have realized their mistake and they are apologetic for treating you the way they did. They might not come out directly to tell you they want you back but might start giving off different signs.

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If all his friends keep calling and saying they would like to see you: When this happens then you should know that his pride is holding him back and he has decided to send his friends to negotiate for him. What you choose to do next depends on you wanting him back or not.

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His status is always talking about a broken heart: He is probably aware that you will view his status so he keeps putting up posts about heartbreak to make you pity him and decide to have him back.

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They keep asking irrelevant question: They will chat you up and ask you silly questions like if they forgot a shoe or piece of clothing at your place. They are probably missing you and want to hear the sound of your voice.

Their mother starts calling you consistently: If his mother starts calling you and starts asking you question like “Hope you are taking care of your husband” then you should know he has also sent her on a mission. She wants you to spill everything so she can serve as a mediator between both of you.

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