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5 Types of Guys That are Easily Used By Ladies

Often, the very reason why you are easily used and abused for women maybe your temperament, appetite, attitude, or character. It would be wise for you to dust your ass and follow your steps now if you were in any of the following categories!! Following are some types of men which women manipulate easily:

1) The Sex Freak: Sex is certainly a formidable instrument woman employed to manipulate men by constantly draining them from time immemorial both financially and emotionally!!! If you are a sex freak, you would do whatever she asks to avoid losing access to regular sex! Over the long run, more than half of your monthly income can be spent on her! Being able to control your sexual impulses will significantly help you from becoming a baby slut!!!

2) The Love-starved Guy:  I know guys looking for love, it's not bad to look for love, but you can use it easily with the women if you show too much obsession for it. Why are you going to ask a babe to date? Promise her you 're going to look after her or give her anything? You have to be a Mugu of the 21st century!!! You lie on the field to trample and use in the long term as you do this!!!

3) The Emotionally-weak Guy:Women can easily use emotionally vulnerable guys. These guys tend to exhibit attitudes like desperation, inexperience, and romantic stupidity! They can't always say 'No' to the demand of a lady...I call them 'Yes Guys' It's this sort of guy who will keep calling a baby up to 78 times, knowing full well that she doesn't want to pick up his request. He can easily change his significant plans just to please a woman who doesn't even have a love atom for him. He can hunger for a baby just to give her the expensive goodies she's asked for!

4) The Show Guy: You wan to turn up abi? Your last money on Earth is 5k ... you don't know where and when the next money will arrive and yet you'd always go ahead and take her to an expensive restaurant to show her you can help her with her needs. This is where you end up spending almost all the money; if she tells you she needs this and that, and you discover that the bill will take nearly all the cash, it would be prudent to tell her the simple truth! Emotionally strong dudes have no fear of openly telling the truth but emotionally vulnerable dudes are!!! If that is the case, the babe will easily use you because she can find that quickly.

5) Guys who are fighting for a lovely woman are very prone to be used and handled by women. This is this category of guys. I opened a thread for fighting guys once. If you're a hard-fought low-income guy, please face your front! In other words, face your life's most important things, and stop drooling over beautiful abeg babes! These girls will only end up using you when they realize you don't have the resources or means to live up to their expectations. The end-results are heartbreak and emotional trauma! Just imagine the situation here ......You struggle and it's so beautiful and warm that she wants so many men with their many offers! If not, what are you going to get?

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