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Ladies, you need to know this important fact

Irresistible means impossible to resist, overpowering, overwhelming.

An irresistible lady is that lady who gives a lasting positive impression at any point of encounter. She's charming in and out, appealing, strong, loving, endearing, smart, and definitely up for keeps.

She is that lady that all other ladies want to be like and all the men wants to be with, her charms doesn't end with just sight but comes to mind. That is there's a memory of her long after she is gone. I could bet my life that all girls, ladies and women want to be irresistible, well nothing good comes easy. Being irresistible comes with a huge price ( calm down dear, its nothing you can't handle).

This topic will be in phases, so be at alert so you don't miss any phase. Let's take the first step towards irresistibility.

1: Know your self worth, be confident:

A lot of ladies out there suffer from very low self esteem probably from sad past experiences, upbringing and background, religion, culture, you name them. Women are beautiful creatures, the world and specifically men wouldn't be complete without us. You need to understand that you are not just another child of your parents, neither are you just another girl in the block, you are a solution to your world, you are of inestimable value, you my dear are YOU, own who you are and not try to be someone else. You do not have to be the most "attractive" to be confident.

Your confidence is seen by your actions and the way you carry yourself and not just your words. It is perceived like your perfume, people can easily tell when you're confident or not. A lady with much self-respect and a healthy self-image always exudes strong signs of confidence this makes her irresistible by all standards. One who is free from the need to impress other people is an irresistible woman. Confidence indeed is attractive.

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