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Ladies Learn How To Grow With Your Man - See Pictures Of Basket Mouth And His Wife During Hard Times

This is really a small world. Keep doing that which makes you happy soon enough your hard work will definitely pay off.

A twitter user with handle @Iam_KingBuchi took to his twitter page to upload a throwback photo of basket mouth and his beautiful wife.

With the caption "it's always rough at first, ladies learn how to grow with your man..."

This caption led to arguments from different users

Some argued that every girl's desire while dating a man is to spend forever with him, but unfortunately some guys have no plan or talent, so why should a girl stick with him.

Others argued some girls will help a man, struggle with him and all but when he makes it, they leave the girl for a another girl.

Personally, I think if you in a relationship, build yourself and let your partner do same, two heads they say I'd better than one.

Why is it that when there is a failed relationship, especially when the man is not buoyant, the failure of the relationship is always attributed to the woman? Is it every girl that is after money?

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