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Divorce Affair

"Men who watch soccer don't cheat, they just spend time with friends arguing about soccer" -Man says

These days, there is a statement that most ladies make and the statement goes like this, "all men are polygamous in nature, hence cheating is inevitable". Even though, this statement can't be applicable to all men because there are some men that are faithful to their spouse. There are also men that has chosen other means to exonerate themselves from the statement apart from staying faithful their lady.

A man known as Osas_BigEngine on Twitter has chosen other means to exonerate himself from the statement that, all men are polygamous in nature, hence cheating is inevitable by saying that, "Men who watch soccer don’t cheat, they just spend time arguing with friends about soccer", which he posted on his Twitter account, yesterday evening.

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This post by Osas_BigEngine caused a serious uproar on social media as many people were reacting to it. Some said that, anybody that calls football soccer is already cheating while some said that, it's because a nice lady hasn't passed them when they are arguing about soccer.

Below is how some people reacted to Osas_BigEngine post


Do you agree with me that, Osas_BigEngine is looking for an excuse to cheat because soccer cannot be a criteria to not cheat on one's spouse?

Don't you think the friends he meant involves a lady because some ladies too, like soccer?

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