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I Took This Bag From My Dad's Room And Gave It To My Boyfriend, Now I Can't Find Him(Fiction)

I thought relationships was all about loyalty and sticking our heads out for the people that we love, but unfortunately some people don't feel that way. I had to find that out the hard way. I would like to share my story with you, but I'll really appreciate it if you don't judge me harshly because I was blinded by love and I was deceived.

Here's my story.

My name is Tolani and I'm 23 years old. I was in my third year at the university when I met Evans, he was a final year student. He was very charming, handsome and seemed like a really intelligent guy when we met. We became friends and before we realized it, we had developed real feelings for each other, at least I did.

After 7 months of dating, we were so in love I was one hundred percent sure we'd end up as husband and wife. One day, I came to his house and found him crying. I asked him what happened and he explained to me that his mom was very sick and she needed a surgery that would cost 10 million naira. Immediately I heard that, i understood why a grown man like that would be crying like a baby. All Evans had in his account was 10 thousand naira, how would he get 10 million.

I couldn't just sit and let him watch his mom die so I promised to help him. You're probably wondering how and where I would get such an amount of money from right ? The answer is this, my dad is a politician, we were very rich. We were so rich that my dad had about 10 of this bag just lying around in his room.

Yes, that is money. He had about 10 of those stacked up in his room. That was how I went and I took one. There was approximately 10.2 million naira in it. I gave all of it to the love of my life for the treatment of my future mother in law.

Evans took the money and since then I've not heard from. It's been 2 months now, i still haven't heard from him. What is happening? My dad still hasn't realized his money is missing because I replaced the money with paper. So he still thinks that all the bags are intact. Should I tell him so we can quickly find Evans or I should just keep quiet. Regardless of what I do, I know I'm finished when he finds out. But I knew that already, my only problem now is that, did I just do this for nothing?

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