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“The Madness Always Comes Back,” See The Question A Boy Asked That Got People Talking

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I will be sharing with you a question that was asked by Twitter user that got people talking.

A boy who is identified as Simply Saka has through his Twitter handle asked for the opinion of other social media enthusiasts if it were okay for someone to continue a relation with someone who was once mad?

“Please, i need your opinion on this.

Can you continue a relationship with someone, you find out was once mad?”

Relationship which is the state of being connected to another person requires acceptance of the past act or deed of the person involved with. It also requires that you let go the past situation in order for you to have a awesome relationship.

However, being mad is a state of severe mental illness, like other ailment it can be managed or cured but some cases can reoccur.

The post by simply Saka has caused a lot of reactions amongst social media enthusiasts with some person believing that it something of the past and others think its something that could reoccur.

A Twitter user @akotodelight reacted that its a no-go area as the madness will always come back.

“Omo.. no go area.. the madness always comes back”

See other reactions.

What do you think?

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