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5 Wrong Reasons Why Most Women Get Married.

Marriage is an integral part of a person’s life that involves the mutual bond and commitment to one’s partner. The reason for marriage should be engineered by love, and having a partner who will make your life's goals successful and obtainable. But funny enough, many persons have ignored this relevance and choose to marry for their selfish gains and gratifications. 

The dangers behind choosing a life partner to satisfy one’s selfish desire can be detrimental in the long run and can amount to a marital conflict which can lead the relationship to a dissolution. 

Regarding this article; we shall be looking at 5 wrong reasons why many women choose their life partner. See them below. 

1. Wealth and material gains.

It is a common notion in Africa that marrying a rich man is the surest way of living a comfortable and easy life. However, it isn’t solely a good reason to get married. Undermining a man’s bad traits or attitude and become married to him because of his wealth is one decision that can amount to regret in the future. As you might know – wealth is not all there is to marriage; of what use is being married to the wealthiest man in the world and still lose your peace and happiness? 

2. To satisfy sexual urge or gratification.

Marrying for the sole purpose of seeking sexual pleasure or gratification is a weird reason that can lead to future regrets. Sexual ability or zeal is one trait that depreciates with time, and when the body gets enough of it; it then becomes less appreciated and valued. In a nutshell, focusing your intention of marriage on something that will depreciate with time is synonymous with sitting on a time bomb. 

3. For facial attraction or body structure. 

Marrying a man solely because of his athletic body and muscles, or the number of six-packs he has is no good reason for choosing a partner. Have you ever thought of the possibility of something unfortunate happening to the man's body you so much admire? Assuming that happens, what becomes your marriage fate? Marrying a person because of his facial sophistication or muscles and disregarding love and character is one prospect that has a lot of regrets embedded in it.  

4. To impress friends and family members. 

Many persons choose their partner just to prove to their family and friends their level of taste. Marrying a person to impress your family members or close associate and paying no attention to his attitude is one dangerous act that might give you reasons to sober later. 

5. For revenge. 

Research has shown that many ladies choose to marry the friend of their ex-boyfriend with the intention of making him jealous. Marrying for such a reason is a ridiculous act that can also breed room for future pains because the whole idea of the marriage was initiated on a faulty background which automatically disregards the place for love, mutual understanding and commitment.  

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