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4 ways guys express their feelings

1. Simply saying I LOVE YOU: These three words is a huge step for men because it's a lot more than simply expressing a feeling. For some, it's a life commintment and some it's danger.

When men say "I LOVE YOU" the fear of rejection comes up strongly. Rejection is painful for most men and saying I love you can be an invitation to be hurt. Most men feel secure in a woman before they can say these words.

For some men, the word I love you means "I am offering a commitment" I will always be there for you. For some men, love is expressed through actions, so these words are a word to follow. Saying these words means they agree to be there.

2. INTRODUCING YOU TO HIS FAMILY: Another way of saying I love you is taking you to meet his family and close friends.This is an indicator that the man has deeper feelings for you. Not only does he says I love you but he wants to connect you with people who mean the most to him. He wants you to care about them and they care about you as well. It means you are becoming a significant part of his life. Some women complain about not having to meet his family and being kept separate. When this goes on for too long in a relationship, it can be a sign that the deapth of feelings for you is lacking. By being aware of the people in his life that he introduces you to, you can get a good idea of how he operates in those areas. Does he want you in all part of his life? Or is this a limited relationship? Loves mean sharing all part of ones selves with another.

3. OFFERING TOKEN OF GIFTS: There are many kind of gifts a man can give. Some include candy, warraped in packages, chocolate and special notes. There are others some women may or may not be aware of. For example, for some men giving their time to you is a gift. When they spend more time with you and less with friends, it a way of saying they love you and they are choosing to be with you.

4. PDA(Physical Display of Affection) : Affection can mean anything from hand holding to love making. In fact, Some men express their feelings through love making. That's because after being intimate they feel as though they have loved you and often feel loved as well. The physical contact breaks down barrier and bring about a feeling of closeness that cannot be expressed in another manner.

This is a complex area because sex can mean so many things to different individuals. Most women needs affection and foreplay and others love hearing words of love spoken during sex. So when a man is open, giving and affectionate with a woman on an ongoing basis, it is often a way of expressing love. For him, love means meeting her needs and having his needs met as well.

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