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A Man Should Marry More Than One Wife? These Are The Reasons Why Polygamy Should Be Discouraged.

More often than not, most men now took delight in marrying many wives that they can't cater for.

In most cases, the women end up being the one who looks after herself and the children at the same time. This is the sad reality in today's world

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Contrary to what many believed, I want to tell you in this piece why a man should not marry more than one wife. My reasons are as follows;

★ It Increase The World Poverty Level:

You might have probably heard of per capita income of a country. The core reason why polygamy should be discouraged is that it contributes to the world poverty because of its role in population increment. This has nothing to do with your personal financial buoyancy.

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★ Hatred:

Off course, no one would need a soothsayer to tell him/her that the practice of polygamy has caused a lot of enmity between individuals, which are solely rivals and their children.

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★ Inadequate Parental Care:

In a home of more than four wives, it is a fact that the head of the family wouldn't be able to care adequate for the children. This is one of the reasons why there is a lot of menace in the society today.

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The above-mentioned facts and many more, which time will fail me to talk about, are reasons why polygamy should be discouraged.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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