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7 Ways Nigerian Ladies Stylishly Request Recharge Card From Guys

There are some hilarious tactics some Nigerian ladies used in order to make guys send them airtime...

Many of my friends have fall victims to their traps nowadays and these prompted me to open this thread though I know many ladies here will bashed me for this but all the same that won't stop me from saying my mind.

Nowadays, you'll just see a random lady that hasn't sent you a message before will just message you, and asking you to send her a recharge card.

Their ways of asking for recharge card is very hilarious in the era of Buhari's change.

No time to check wristwatch.... Lemme drop the stylish ways Nigerian Ladies use to get airtime from guys.

7 Ways Nigerian Ladies Stylishly Request Recharge Card From Guys.

1.If You Love Me.... Please Send Me Recharge Card

Some Nigerian ladies do uses this tactic often to guys. They make sure the guy they send this message to must have toasted them before. they knew the guy won't hesitate to send to recharge card to them and after the guy send the card, they won't say 'Thank You'. They won't call you nor send you a text talkless of flashing your line.

2. I'm On My Way To Sokoto, I Want To Call Dad But My Airtime Is Insufficient

Some Nigerian ladies do lie they are travelling to Sokoto, from Sokoto to Ebonyi until they mistakenly lie they are on their way to Sambisa Forest too.

This has happened to a friend of mine, his girlfriend called him, telling him, she's on her way to Lagos. She didn't know we see her and her friends inside the Keke napep laughing.

3. My Mum Is Ill, I Want To Call Her

Some Nigerian ladies don't care to lie that their mum is ill whereby her mum's somewhere else doing okay and enjoying her life.

Naija Babe, my mum is very ill , I want to call her but I don't have airtime..

4. They Updated Their Whatsapp Status

Some Nigerian ladies do update their WhatsApp Status saying 'I need the airtime, I'm broke'...... sad here......eya they aren't broke guys, they are just looking for the maga that will fall to their trap.

5. My Subscription Just Got Exhausted And I need To Do My Assignment

This also happened to my friend's friend, we were inside the room when his female friend sent him the message 'her sub has exhausted and she needs to do her assignment and the worst part is that she said... 'she's broke'... The lady that we saw at the ATM machine that withdrew #10,000 from her account that same day in the afternoon...

6.My Subscription Will Expire Tomorrow

They will compose the message that their sub will expire tomorrow and that they don't know when they will be coming back online, you know I love you, ease can you send me #2500 Airtel recharge card? Guys, it's a lie, trust me, don't send it to her, send message two days after, she will read your message but won't reply.

7. I Would Love To Continue Chatting With You But My MB Will Exhaust Any Time And I'm Broke

Lol, intentionally put this to the last, for serious chatting with them, Some Nigerian ladies will use that moment to ask for airtime, they know the guy enjoying the chat, so he won't have a choice than to send the card.

This happened to me today when I was chatting with her this morning. I just met this girl through Facebook and we exchanged contact. After 1hr chat this morning, she sent me this message ;

Lady - I'm really enjoying our chat, fortunately, my subscription will expire any minute from now sad

Me - Ehhya...Don't worry we will continue when you re-subscribe...

Me- You don see mugu..

I drop my pen at this conjunction.

You feel free to add yours.

Content created and supplied by: Naijaadvance (via Opera News )

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