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These Are The Kind Of People You Must Avoid, If You Want To Be Successful In Life.

Over time, lots of people have had their relationship destroyed because they gave out too much details about their relationship, to someone who they called a friend but in reality turned out to be the very force fighting and resisting their progress in life.

Aside relationships, do you know that they are people who you had shady dealings with in the past, who can't wait to use that against you while they claim victims? These are people you called friends and welcomed them with arms wide opened but behind they plan your downfall. They have a dead conscience, and as such, nothing matters to them and your tears means absolutely nothing to them. Infact, they derive pleasure in seeing you cry and perpetually heartbroken.

If I may ask! who is your friend? Relationships are failing these days not because partners are cheating, but because of someone working in the background called a frienemy. This is the person, who is busy causing a negative upsurge to cripple your joy. Sometimes you even run to these people for advice and after they've given you the advice, they device other means to counter what they've told you before. Not everybody including your friends is happy that you are in a relationship, married, living in that house, driving that car, got promoted or achieved what you've achieved so far by the help of God.

A frienemy is a friend, who has vowed to see you cry perpetually for being at your best. This is a person who smiles to your face, gives you advice,pretends to stand with you through thick and thin but kills you behind. These are people who go behind to alter your words to another person, so that the person can hate you over nothing but a lie that was spread about you.

These are people who laughs with you, praise you and next minute they are out there spreading fake news about you and your mistakes of the past, making it look like it's something recent. Anybody who don't want you to know anything about them shouldn't know everything about you. 

Don't just open your arms wide to everyone. Most times the ones you despise and don't pay attention to are the ones who really cares. Judas kissed Jesus before selling him off, don't be carried away by the smiles of people and take that for love. White teeth is not right heart.

As you wake up every morning, God to show you unfriendly friends who only come to make matters worse for you and ask God to help you identity, love, value and appreciate the genuine ones in your life so you don't take them for granted.

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