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Opinion: Tonto Dikeh's approach in handling her breakup with Kpokpogri shows maturity and integrity.

People have different ways of reacting to whatever comes their way. Some people who are easily broken, take a long time to heal while strong people heal instantly as though what happened has not affected them deeply.

Few weeks ago, the issue of Tonto Dikeh and her ex lover, Prince Kpokpogri was all over the internet. That was barely three months after she shared her joy in finding a new lover and a father to her son in Kpokpogri.

Their breakup issue came as a rumor until she spoke up about it, and Kpokpogri equally spoke up which made it obvious that they had separated. Before they both spoke about their breakup, Tonto seemed calm and cold which was seen in some of the posts she made at that moment.

Some individuals after a breakup, would leave themselves sober and cold for a long period of time but Tonto Dikeh never did such. She handled the situation with so much maturity that she held herself together while the issue was going round the internet.

After the breakup and both parties kept quiet, Tonto seemed even happier as though nothing happened. This could be seen in her recent pictures and social activities. There are people whom if they were in Tonto's situation, they would have locked themselves up and remained silent for a while, but Tonto never allowed that to pull her down.

This is to teach young people that being in a relationship requires maturity of mind and body. This is to help them accept any situation that comes up and handle it wisely without breaking themselves apart due to emotions.

There have been cases of young people taking their own lives after their relationships failed, but Tonto Dikeh has proven that being in a relationship requires maturity.

Therefore, it is a good thing that as a celebrity, the approach with which she has handled her breakup with Kpokpogri would teach young people that no amount of intimacy in any relationship should deprive one of his peace if the relationship fails.

Image source: all images in the article were sourced from Tonto Dikeh's Instagram handle.

Content created and supplied by: Chinny'sangle (via Opera News )

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