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My Heart is Asking for Vengeance, Lady Cries out as her Man Rejected Her After 2 Years of Courtship

So many ugly things are happening to ladies as love, relationship and marriage has been turned into a bait for luring them into sexual intercourse This trend has left so many ladies heart broken and chattered, some even go as far as taken revenge or committing suicide.

Another ugly incident has happened to a lady after she was rejected by a man she had be courting since 2018. The story was shared on Facebook by a Facebook user, Steve Uchechukwu. He shared the story of how a lady cane to his inbox to share her sad and heart renting story of how her man rejected her after she allowed him to sleep with her after much pleading.

According to the lady, she said she is 25 years old and in a very mess she never believed she would ever be in her entire life. 

Narrating her ordeals, she said there is a guy she has been courting since October 2OI8. Before they started, she made sure they defined the relationship; they agreed on "NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE." Also they defined the duration of the courtship to hold for a maximum of One year and Six months, and the guy didn't object any.

According to her, he is a 4O years old man from a very well trained Christian home. His father and his immediate younger brother being clergy men.

So this gave her the confidence in him; but instead, he turned out to be a shame to her and destroy her destiny.

She further stated that the trouble started Last year when he began pressurizing. She reminded him of their agreement and he stopped.

Howver, this year, he came home for NEW YEAR from Lagos and took her to see his aged mother, after which she left back to her own place. Then on February 8, he invited again invited her to their place and right in their house, he started begging her stressing that if she really want him to come and see her parents, then she has to allo lw him.

She said she was not comfortable with that request, but as they were still talking about it, he held her and started crying profusely. This made her to feel pity for him and eventually, she allowed him. But she however insisted that he must use a protective which he reused saying that he really want her to get pregnant for him. At the end of the day, he begged her and she forgave him and went home.

Then, On March, the unexpected happened, she missed her period. On noticing that, she ran back to him in tears only to meet the unexpected shock of her life. The man asked her to go buy one drug and drink so as to get rid of the pregnancy.

When she refused, he told her to carry her cross and since then, he stopped caring and asking about her and the pregnancy.

She said her family is against her and the Guy's family is all minding their business adding that she has already been sacked from her job, and am left with nothing.

At the end of her narratives, she said her heart is asking for vengeance, and seriously she is in real trouble adding that this is someone she never asked a dime from since they started courting.

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