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Possible Reasons Why Guys Or Girls Can't Move On From Their Ex After Breakups

Breakups are one of the most painful transitions that we face in our lives. The pain of losing that person you have loved and still love - someone you have shared your dreams, your life and most especially, your love - can be heartbreaking.

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While some Breakups can be easy to get over with, there will always be that one person you just can't seem to let go. The question here is, why can't you just move on? Maybe these are the possible reasons.

1. He Or She Was Your First Love

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Moving on from a breakup is hard especially when it is your first time to love someone. The pain of losing someone is new to you, that is why it's too hard to move on.

2. You Haven't Given Yourself Enough Time To Grieve

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In a society where pretending to be happy and not paying attention to other people's struggle are customary, the thought that "you should be over with him/her already" even if you only broke up a few months ago is easy to internalise. Time heals all wounds, there is no Timeline on grief. You don't need to hide the pain, let it all out.

3. You Keep Stalking Him

Checking his/her social media accounts won't help you get over him/her, instead it only bring back memories you spent with him or her. You will only end up feeling a bit jealous when you see that he/she has already found someone new. Restricting yourself from Stalking him/her can be a big help in your process of moving on.

4. You Haven't Had Closure

Having closure means that you both accepted the fact that it has ended and you both decided to separate. But when your relationship ended without a closure, it would really be hard for you to get over that person. Closure means finality, and it is really important when a relationship has ended.

5. You Have A Low Self-esteem

One of the thoughts we always fear is "not finding the right person for us". We get scared of getting back out there, thinking that in end, you will never be good enough and they will all leave you alone. Or maybe we get too comfortable with the familiar, so we just stay there and it just gets harder to let that person go.

As the saying goes, good things come for those who want. For now, focus on getting better and being the better version if yourself. The right person will come in God's perfect time.

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