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Two Things You Should Know About Monday

According to the Gregorian calendar,Monday is the second day of the week after Sunday. I don't think many know this but its true. Maybe some other time i will explain that better.

Money is considered the first day of work,others will say,the first working day of the week. According to how the world runs,Monday is considered a very important day, why is it so.

Monday Controls The Rest Of The Week

Whether you believe it or not, Monday is always vital in a person's life because spiritually, it is the "first Opening Of A Door" to a week.

Have you wondered why pastors always use Monday as a point of contact to pray for all of the week. When you get hold of money the remaining days of the week will obey you. Always be positive,always smile,always try and be happy no matter what happened during the weekend cause your mood will affect you if you don't show positive vibes on Monday.

Monday Connotes A New Beginning

With all the occasions,all the parties,all the places you went to during the weekend,you are expected to start fresh on money because no day in the week will give you such freedom again to parties,go to places,relax,play,see friends except weekends.

Psychologically your mind restarts on Monday,say positive things about Monday,good things cause they say confession is possession. Whatever you project on Monday will always tell how the rest of your week will look like.

Don't ever play with Monday cause you might be playing with the rest of your week.

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