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2 Reasons Cross Should Not Be Criticized For Saying He Can Date A Woman In Her 40s

It is quite known that while some men prefer dating women older than them, others prefer women who are same age or younger.

30 year old Cross who is one of the housemates on the Big Brother Naija season 6 show recently revealed that he can date a single woman in her 40s because women around such age tend to have good experience about life and they tend to be more mature mentally. He further stated that he doesn't mind if the woman does not have much money and that he would be willing to spend his money.

While some people may criticize his choice of being comfortable dating an older lady, here are 2 reasons why he should not be criticized.

1. There is no Legal, ethical or moral crime in dating an older lady who is single. The fact that it is more common for men to date younger ladies does not make it wrong for a man to date an older lady who is single.

2. Dating an older lady could be his preference and as such, his choice should be respected and he should not be criticized for wanting something which makes him feel happy. It should be noted that as long as the relationship is mutual and both parties are single, they deserve to be as happy as they want with each other.

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