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Things to consider when making choice of a life partner.

You should bear in mind that this choice is not made over night or when you are feeling so excited about your present relationship.One needs to consider a lot of things before making this choice because this is a life time choice, for better for worse.

When making this choice, you must make sure the person in question understands you, it is someone you can always have a descent conversation with.You must be aware of your expectations in that marriage.

You should bear in mind that you might not always be in love in marriage because of certain things, you have to know that marriage is for better for better for worse, it is a life time something and that you must be ready for it and not just jump into it.

Also, you need to consider your partner's family before making this choice, you may know your partner so well but you may not know his or her family so well.

You need to know how your partner was while growing up, you need to understand your partner's family values, beliefs and traditions.You need to note that things that happened to your partner while growing up can re-surface in your marriage.But you knowing about this things will help you to build your expectations and also help you to build your trust and understanding.

One important foundation of a successful married life is respecting and tolerating each others beliefs and values.contrasting values and beliefs can cause conflicts in marriage and you don't have to be on the same page when it comes to this but it is important you learn tolerate and respect your partner's beliefs and values.

Before marriage , you need to consider how you will raise your kids together with your and your partner may have different views on this issue but you both will have to decide on it, talk about it and make decisions together.

Also you need to make sure that you and your partner are on same page when it comes to finance.You don't always have to be on same page with your partner but you must understand and respect each other's differences.

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